January 2023

It is over 20 years since I began to see a trend among my financial planning clients, although small to begin with as time passed more and more were seeking to work longer. Some out of need, but most because they wanted to. It was at this time I started to say “retirement is uninventing […]

December 2022

According to data released in September 2021 by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) life expectancy may be going into reverse. Some experts have put this down to the impact of Covid, time will tell. Measuring data in such short timescales should come with caveats, lots of them, a fact that everyone became aware […]

Talking of Money

Most of the work we do is focussed on people and not on money or financial aspects of retiring or planning to retire. In part because that’s what everyone else does, but it is also down to the belief that considering your long term future through the lens of money tends to lead to a […]

Mind over matter

As we think about later life we often find the subject daunting, frightening even. It need not be so. Much of our fear is derived from the accepted societal view of retirement and of course ageing itself. Our society is, perhaps unintentionally, ageist. Ironically some of the most “ageist” people I meet are well past […]

Improving life, one step at a time

For as long as I can recall we have been told that successful people, regardless of their walk of life, set goals, and by implication unsuccessful people do not. I am not sure this is true. All people have goals, humans are goal setting and attaining beings. For example when you woke up this morning, […]

Bliss White Paper

The Problem: Managing a post-pandemic workforce 70% of employees surveyed find work a chore, nearly 60% have no clue what their retirement income might look like. How does this square with the aim of having a creative, happy and productive workforce? Your workforce believe they have no control over 43% of their lives. How do […]

Cost of living crisis is dominating the headlines

Higher Energy bills, Private Housing Rentals up 14%, Rising Cost of Food and Petrol prices hitting record highs! Many Employees are stressed with financial worries, so Employers are being challenged with these questions How to retain key staff without offering large pay rises? How they can help support their employees deal with the Cost-of-Living Crisis […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A common conversation in childhood centred around what we wanted to be when we grow up? Whether asked by an adult or chatted amongst friends in the school playground this was just part of everyday life. Not surprisingly as different influences came into our lives, so the answer changed. This month 50 years ago many […]

It is time to ditch the myths and embrace reality

There are myths a plenty in the world, some date back many thousands of years and certainly when I was a child made excellent reading. Among more modern myths is the notion that after a lifetime of work a happy sun drenched retirement awaits us, provided we have the money of course. That myth is […]

Article – Finance Digest

In this article in Finance Digest, Michael Middleton provides some tips for ensuring a happy life in later years and why companies need to rethink retirement. Read the article