Managing Cash

The rate of inflation seems to be slowing, which is of course great news, however this does not mean we have suddenly turned a corner on price rises, it merely means the rate at which prices increase is not as steep. Prices are still rising, and inflation has historically taken a long time to tame, […]

What did you want to be when you grew up?

One of the exercises in our workshops is called Childhood Revisited and we developed it to help attendees think about what they might like to do with their lives after full time work. The exercise has helped a lot of people, in part because as we age we tend to become less creative, or even our creativity ceases altogether. […]

There are two retirement portfolios…

When you plan for your retirement is a very likely that most of your thinking is focussed on your financial portfolio. How is it invested? Is there enough? And probably more questions besides. What you may not have given much thought to is your psychological portfolio. In her book Too Young to be Old Professor Nancy K Schlossberg […]

Filling the Void

For decades retirement was something people looked forward to, relished even. Perhaps many still do, for those that do, what is the real reason of wanting to retire? Often the real reason many cannot wait to retire is because they hate the job they have or have been doing it too long. The desire to […]